Delicious Date Night Ideas

If you’re struggling to find romantic ideas for date night, a home-cooked meal in an intimate setting (and the proper mood lighting) is a great way to spice things up; literally! If your partner is the one usually making dinner, then taking over the kitchen duties for...

Pairing Wine With Our Quality Meats

The right pairing of wine and quality meats can take a meal from good, to great. When done properly, the wine will complement the meat so that each bite tastes better than the last. It can be difficult to know which wine to pair with which meat, fortunately Market...


Winter is coming. As the cold sets in, it's only natural to start dreaming up those summer plans again... hoping to steal back some of that sun warmth. Have no fear! There are other ways to warm your soul and body: hot apple cider, teas... but have you ever considered...

Best Butcher Shop In Vancouver

What makes us the best butcher shop in Vancouver? 1. Convenient and Local Centrally located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Va ncouver, Market Meats is your go-to, gourmet butcher shop. Not only are we close located close to you, but our products are...

5 Tips to Roast Deli Meats

A rule of thumb to remember when cooking deli meats is to know the right temperature for baking them, depending on how big or small the pieces are. For bigger pieces of deli meat, such as a whole leg of ham, or a big chunk of unsliced roast beef, it’s recommended that you opt for a lower temperature for a nice, slow cook that won’t end up burning the outer surface of your deli meat.

5 Benefits of Buying Organic Meat

The animals, before they were slaughtered for meat, have not been given any antibiotics or hormones that are typical in factory-farmed animals slaughtered for regular, non-organic meal. The animals in factory farms have been filled with all these chemicals that are made to increase their resistance to illnesses, and to abnormally alter their bodies to gain more body mass.

Things to Consider When Meat Shopping

In a supermarket, you can simply take a look at the type of meat on display screen and pick whatever looks good enough for your purposes. At a butcher store, you will certainly need to know the name of the cut of meat that you desire before you can purchase it.