Delicious Date Night Ideas

If you’re struggling to find romantic ideas for date night, a home-cooked meal in an intimate setting (and the proper mood lighting) is a great way to spice things up; literally! If your partner is the one usually making dinner, then taking over the kitchen duties for...

Say Hello To Market Meats In 2017

Since January is the month of new beginnings, there’s no better time to talk about how to get the most out of your Market Meats experience. If you’ve never been to a Vancouver butcher shop before, your first time inside a butcher shop can be a little intimidating;...

Top 9 Steak Buying Tips

Select the right steak for your meal. Get to know your butcher. Purchase the best quality meat. Buy steaks from the butcher’s counter, not from the pre-packaged section. Check the color, touch, and smell of the meat. If you need to, take a closer look at pre-packaged...

The Best 5 Cuts of Beef

For many self-appointed experts on cuts of beef, the flavor is the single most important factor in determining the best cut of beef. And the flavor comes from the fat, which is why marbling is so important. “Marbling” refers to the streaks of fat on meat, which resembles a marble pattern.

And when it comes to marbling and flavor, nothing beats the Rib Eye. This is the cut of beef that many recommend when you’re out to celebrate a great sale or promotion. Normally, the bone is removed from this cut from the upper ribcage, but many like having the rib bone still attached. Somehow the meat is much more enjoyable when you gnaw it off the bone.

Turkey – Not Just for the Holidays!

Our friends at JD Farms, our local turkey guru’s in Langley, came up with these reasons why turkey isn’t just for the holidays – in fact, there are many great reasons why turkey could and should be on your menu more often! JD Farms is locally owned and operated by Jack Froese, his Wife, Debbie, and their son, Jason.

PEI Blue Ribbon Potato-Fed Beef

This is truly some of the best tasting beef in the world – Prince Edward Island beef, previously only available at some of Vancouver’s top restaurants, is now exclusively available at our shop! Our PEI beef is consistently grading out at Canada Prime, bringing you only the best cuts available.

What are Wagyu?

We are one of the exclusive retailers of pure-bred Wagyu beef, not just in Canada, but in the world. In fact, our Master Kobe product line that we carry is only available to the finest of fine dining establishments around the world – by invitation only. We are on their hand selected list of retailers, and are proud of it! Master Kobe’s Wagyu beef grades out between 10-12, which is the highest grade achievable as per the strict Japanese grading scale. Here’s a little more information on the breed that makes this beef such a true delicacy!

Selecting a Cutting Board

A good cutting board is a staple in any kitchen. But with so many kinds of cutting boards, which one is the best one for you? Ultimately, it’s really a question of preference, as all boards have pros and cons. You may also find it useful to have more than one cutting...

International Beef Cuts Translated

New to town? Looking for the Fore-Rib to make a roast and nobody knows what you're talking about? Want to make Carne Asada, but find yourself at a loss for a Spanish speaking butcher? Fret no more – this handy chart shows you  the basic beef cuts in North America, the...