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Meat Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget

Thinking of cutting down on your meat eating because of the high cost? Stop. At Market Meats, we believe that you don’t have to compromise on your meat loving habits because it doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are some cuts that don’t skimp on flavour, but can cost a fraction of the cost of your favorite steak cut:

Chicken Wing Tips
Cooked to a crisp, this meat is sure to become a favourite accompanied with your favorite wing sauce recipe!

Chicken Feet
Need to thicken up your soup or add some delicious flavour? Add some feet!  

Beef Oxtail
Braise it up! Toss this meat in some barbeque sauce for a mouth-watering experience or add it in a pot for a great beef stock.

Beef Deckle
Meat that cooks ridiculously fast and does not lack any flavour.

Spider Steak
A quick grill is all this cut needs to show its true delicious nature!

Beef Hearts
Prepare it just like your favourite steak!

Pork Head and Ears
Looking for the perfect crispy snack? Look no further than a pig’s head.

If you have any questions about meat cuts or how to use the meat “nose-to-tail”, we’d be happy to answer them! Come by our Kitsilano butcher shop or give Market Meats a call today at (604) 737-0905.