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PEI Blue Ribbon Potato-Fed Beef

This is truly some of the best tasting beef in the world – Prince Edward Island beef, previously only available at some of Vancouver’s top restaurants, is now exclusively available at our shop! Our PEI beef is consistently grading out at Canada Prime, bringing you only the best cuts available.

Traditionally when we buy beef, we think of Angus. However, PEI beef is coming from the finest in a long line of breeding tradition of Hereford breed cattle. Known for their lineage dating back to the 17th century, the cattle being used for this exclusive grade of Blue-Ribbon beef is coming from very small family owned and operated farms on Prince Edward Island, guaranteeing the best in flavour, and an all natural pasture environment. No antibiotics are used in their feed, nor are they fed any sort of added hormones. No funny business here. PEI beef is fed on a strict all-natural diet of grass and potatoes. Although already being a naturally extremely marbled breed, the potato in the diet lends to more marbling, as well as adding an exquisitely unique earthy quality to the beef. Some say that PEI beef tastes how beef should taste like – more so like it used to taste back in the 1800’s. Talk about blast from the past! These Hereford cattle aren’t just eating your every day potatoes either, these guys munch on PEI potatoes, which themselves are world renowned for their flavourful properties and butteriness. After all, what they say is true, you are what you eat!

PEI beef has a melt-in-your-mouth butteriness that is unsurpassable, making it popular amongst Vancouver’s finest establishments, and now, on your grill at home!